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Jade Dynasty Reborn

Bem vindo ao Jade Dynasty Reborn! O nosso servidor de ritmo médio vai dar o mesmo entertenimento que sentiu há muito tempo com os seus amigos...

Notas de Atualização recentes
Patch v272 (dois dias atrás às 12:19)
- New EU link server added. Main link server will remain with higher ping due anti-ddos protection applied.
* As long there are no attacks, can use lowest ping link. Otherwise it's recommended to use main link server.
- [Forta] Corrected Spurt skill description regarding effect removal.
- [Forta] Earthen Will star skill effect no longer conflicts with Chroma Ancestral Spirit skills.
- [Sylia] Obscure Ilussion bleed effect should now be lifted after end of the duel.
- Fixed Arrival of Greatness summon caused abnormal crit null/shield debuff values.
- Fixed general bug causing heavy server CPU usage which could produce lags and potential realm crashes.
- Clash of Seven kills are now recorded properly regarding score.
- Attemp to fix TW scoreboard.
- Orison Fragment Pack now stacks to 9999.
- Dream in the South instance now requires 12->6 players to enter.
- God of Rain: Seven Method Shard adjusted.