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Jade Dynasty Reborn

Willkommen bei Jade Dynasty Reborn! Unser Mid-Rate-Server wird die gleiche Unterhaltung bieten, die du vor langer Zeit mit deinen Freunden erlebt hast...

Recent Patch Notes
Patch v352 (today at 14:09)
- Attempt to fix recent rare realm crash issue.
- Shuomo BG now functional.
* Rewards will be upgraded next week.
- [Psychea] Thunderous Peal will now affect Mecha: Torrent .
- [Kytos] Ruse: Lure skill description corrected.
- [Kytos] Moon - Death's Volition transform immune duration formula corrected for ranks 1-4.
- [Kytos] Tyrany III name changed to Peerless Night III. Description corrected and duration formula corrected for version.
- [Imperia] Corrected Overbearing Wind potential formula error.
- Birthday promo code titles translations applied.
- Missing Dundun and Liu Yuan NPCs added to Sunsteream (Reacreation Zone).
- Iron BG Exchange revised.
- Iron BG Victory Pack bonus chances boosted.