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Jade Dynasty Reborn

Willkommen bei Jade Dynasty Reborn! Unser Mid-Rate-Server wird die gleiche Unterhaltung bieten, die du vor langer Zeit mit deinen Freunden erlebt hast...

Recent Patch Notes
Patch v393 (today at 15:25)
Skill fixes:
- [Rayan] Corrected Celestial Slay skills description regarding cast time.

Bug fixes:
- Minor translation fixes.
- Fixed issue that Isolated Riptide Cutlass was invisible in Billows map.

- Holiest Imbue Recipes cooldown reduced to 60 seconds.
- Dotted Rats are now also available on R14.

Chinese New Year event
- Couple new event NPCs are now available in Sunstream.
- Lantern Event lasts till next Thursday.
* Sadly translations of those quest may have low quality.
- Rat Event lasts till February 3, 2023.