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Online players: 410
Online today: 653
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Faction PvP Masters



GOLD: x5
DROP: x5
Hourly : +100
Vote 1 : +500 (every 12h)
Vote 2 : +500 (every 12h)
Vote 3 : +1000 (every 24h)

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Jade Dynasty Reborn

Welcome to Jade Dynasty Reborn! Our low rate server will provide the same entertainment that you felt long ago with your friends...

  • Dance of Gevrin expansion - there is 17 playable classes including Gevrin!
  • Semi-official style - balanced official like style.
  • Character progression - Character progression is balanced.
  • Limited customisation - this will make future expansions and releases easier to apply for our server.
  • Low/Mid rate - because PvE is also important aspect of this game!
  • Green Jade - you will not get real Jadens from vote. Instead you will get 'Green Jade', which can be spent in web shop similar to in-game shop.
  • Referral program - invite your friends to get Green Jade and other bonuses.
  • Green Jade for being online - every hour in game will grant you small amount of Green Jade.
  • Resurrection of old events - Harmony Runes, Bilu and many more
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Recent Patch Notes

**Mid-Rate patch - Part I** (24.05.2019 at 15:05)

- Choma Beads and Ice Orb of Vasteness amount increased as participation pvp event rewards.
- New Trader items added:
* `Splendid Sovereign Necklace LV1`
* `Omned Seal Pack`
* `Rainfall Order`
* `Chroma Bead Pack x9999` x25
* `Fine Seal Orb` x1500
* `Divine Soul Ash` x5000
* `Royal Ivory Set`
* `Crystal Sigil`(ultra rare)
* `Platina Sigil`(super ultra rare).
- Forum Guide reward increased to 10.000 GJ.
- New Hall of Fame challenges added.
- Referral System Upgraded:
* Directly after registering with referral code player will receive `Referral Box I` (Taichi Pill Stock x50,Sovereign Order: Tier 2,Sovereign Order: Tier 3,Sovereign Order: Tier 4,Sovereign Order: Tier 5,Sovereign Order: Ascension) to account stash.
* After completing the referral requirement player will receive `Referral Box II` (Bronze Sigil x20,Silver Sigil x4,Gold Sigil x4,Jade Sigil x4,Dragon Sigil x4,Kirin Sigil x4,Common Seal Orb x1350,Fine Seal Orb x20,Sovereign Order: Tribulation 1,Sovereign Order: Tribulation 2,Sovereign Order: Tribulation 3)
* New packs exclusive for inviters added to GJ shop.
- Banker price cap increased to 15,000.
- New GJ and gold lottery added.
- Automatic weekly webshop discount system added.
- New GJ shop items added:
* Shadow Dragon Shear
* Ice Cocoon Silk
* Secrets of Gems
* Mysteries of Gems
* Budding Kindleaf
* Bowstring Grass
- Faction PvP masters table added (for future events organized by our event GM).
- Bank notes will no longer be bound after sending back from website to the game.
- BfS fights now requires at least 10 total score (sum of both teams) to be valid.

- Ultimate Torment Chest will give now Jade Box x2 instead Welkin Green Jade.
- Slightly increased the chance to get 5 stats on Mystic Tome books.
- 2000 Orison Fragments replaced to 500 Heaven Dragon Seals at LV6 Mystic Tome exchange.
- Orison Fragrments cost at Reforgers LV5->6 exchange reduced 1000->500.
- Coronation Pack will be given each 2 weeks to current sovereign and on each coronarion battle to marshals whose alliance attepts to clam coronation.
* This pack contains: 90.000 Chroma Beads and 33% chance for LV4 BFS necklaces.
- Vim,Skysong,Modo,Lupin and Jadeon faction and gear changers price halved at marketplace.
- Gold Exchange added to Stashkeep Tamsin.
- Primodial accessory materials drop doubled at EL9.
- God of Rain base extra drop boosted. Kirin Sigils replaced with Diamond Sigils. Very rare chance for Crystal Sigil drop added.
- Empress Lunara base extra drop boosted. Drake Sigils replaced with Diamond Sigils. Very rare chance for Crystal Sigil drop added.
- Three Shadows base extra drop boosted. Primordial accessory materials drop chance added.
- Auzuareas base extra drop boosted. Reforge Scroll and Dragon's Reign Ticket rare drop chance added.
- Ancient Coin added to marketplace.
- Old Sunstream no longer requires LV160 to enter.
- BFS map now requires LV160 to enter.
- Catch-up donation pack added to marketplace.
- Charms Skill extract chance boosted 10->25%!
- Celestial Tower LV60 daily reward changed: LV4->LV5 Mystic Tome.
- Soul Ash (+Wonderland Stone) -> Divine Soul Ash exchange added at Shady Dealer.
- Holy Lotus rewards boosted.
- Dragon's Dogma - Dragon Smash Esper medium added to Medium Exchange.
- Iron BG rewards reworked.
* HP/SP Batteries gained as a reward from Iron Battlegrounds has no cooldown! - (can only be used in Elysium)
- Attempt to fix song of Emerald Lady and Clouded Milky Way map rubberband issues.
- Dark Drake Cave teleport issues fixed.