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Jade Dynasty Reborn

Welcome to Jade Dynasty Reborn! Our mid-rate server will provide the same entertainment that you felt long ago with your friends...

Recent Patch Notes
Patch v435 (today at 12:02)
Skill fixes:

- [Ashura] [Experimental] Reduced Astral Soul max range from 80 to 50 meters so Spirit and Body won't go out of sight.
* Also fixed potential realm crash issue regarding Astral Soul.
- Fixed some reported skill related exploits.
- [Voida] Bright Nirvana II skill description corrected.

Bug fixes

- Secret Spring Palace Teleport npc now functional in biography map.


- Best upgrade of Anxious Fashion has been added to Wardrobe.
- Sacred Spirit Scroll★★ and Sacred Spirit Scroll★ restored to God of Rain drop in stackable packs.


- PvE Event launched.