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Registered: 18185
Online players: 915
Online today: 1358
Newest player: mikonakiri

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EXP: x5
GOLD: x5
DROP: x5
Hourly : (x2) +200
Vote 1 : (x2) +1000 (every 12h)
Vote 2 : (x2) +1000 (every 12h)
Vote 3 : (x2) +2000 (every 24h)

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Jade Dynasty Reborn

Welcome to Jade Dynasty Reborn! Our mid-rate server will provide the same entertainment that you felt long ago with your friends...

  • Scroll of the Elements expansion - there is 18 playable classes including Gevrin and Sylia!
  • Semi-official style - balanced official like style.
  • Character progression - Character progression is balanced.
  • Limited customisation - this will make future expansions and releases easier to apply for our server.
  • Low/Mid rate - because PvE is also important aspect of this game!
  • Green Jade - you will not get real Jadens from vote. Instead you will get 'Green Jade', which can be spent in web shop similar to in-game shop.
  • Referral program - invite your friends to get Green Jade and other bonuses.
  • Green Jade for being online - every hour in game will grant you small amount of Green Jade.
  • Resurrection of old events - Harmony Runes, Bilu and many more
  • Clan migration rewards - Bring friends to our server to get rewards!
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Recent Patch Notes

Patch v244 (yesterday at 14:26)

- In-game banker system is now functional with Bank Note support rework applied.
* Banker limits: 1000 jadens, 100k gold, 15000 Bank Notes (1k).
* Max Jaden price: 15.000 G.
* Bank notes have priority and are required for each transaction above 1k gold. If something costs 25400 G: 25 Bank Notes and 400G are required.
- [Sylia] Fixed Abstain effect allowing caster to be killed in certain circumstances.
- [Sylia] Heavens Unite Avert buff will now grant immune to Taunt and Burn as intended.
- Fixed global issue regarding several skills that grant various immunities (Heavens Unite, Ancient Soul for example) having its immune flags disabled after casting other skill that grants same immune yet lower duration.
- [Sylia] Bequeath shoudn't be consumed when target is under raja or invincibility anymore.
- Modon Form II skill description corrected.
- Fixed ascended Class reward notification.
- [Marketplece] Removed incorrect Unfolding Moon description.
- Attempt to fix random S ranks in Clouded Milky Way issues.
- Fixed party issue on BfS Map.
- PK settings are no longer respected in LmS map. LmS pvp should now work on all realms including PvE ones.
- New pets should be Tame-able.
- Minor translation fixes.
- He Linger NPC and Star Dust added to Fairy Sunstream.
- TrialĀ·Vile Spirits for Sylia rewards boosted to match other classes.
- Shady Milky Way batteries fix another attempt.
- VIP5 will now be permanent (this time for sure).
- Celestial Ruins label fixed at fealty window.
- Fixed spawned npcs wrong name issue.
- Alliance War tab interface restored.
- Chenchao also removed from Divine Realm.
- Thunder Phoenix wont be draggable from his spot anymore (further than 70 meters).
- New Emerald Prince/Princess fashions added to marketplace.
- Pure Goldspin stack size increased to 9999.