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Jade Dynasty Reborn

Welcome to Jade Dynasty Reborn! Our mid-rate server will provide the same entertainment that you felt long ago with your friends...

Recent Patch Notes
Patch v487 (today at 13:58)
Skill Fixes

- Experimental change with cast speed limit change reverted.
- [Ceros] Attempt to tune Dragon Roar casting animation timers(t5 for now).
- [Zephyr] Phoenix Flight should now ignore map no-fly restrictions properly.
- [Zephyr] Corrected Phoenix Kiss leveling requirement.
- [Zephyr] Fixed Compensation buff SP logic.
- [Zephyr] Avoidance III Hero dmg reduction added as separate buff.
- [Zephyr] Corrected Chaos Cleave II influence over Instant Death.
- [Voida] Fixed Extreme underworld III sp buff not working.
- [Hydran] Attempt to solve Patsy terrain stuck bug at BfS map.
- Colorful Day and Golden Rooster's New Year Greeting Smash buff no longer stacks.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Rising Desolation drop logic for Easy/Normal difficulties.
- Attempt to fix Rising Desolation last boos not removing invincible properly sometimes.
- Attempt to fix Immortal Record team instances packs mission again. Only effective when claiming new pack.
- Restored Honor Gem drop to Affinity Land mobs.


- Traveling Immortal Pack(I->V) allows to choose more items from now.
- Boosted chances for Mercy Orders.
- Mythical Soil Pack (5) now stacks to 30.000.
- Mysterious shell (resource) Chance for Shells with colorful lights increased 5->15%.
- Old event items Solstice Jade Lock and Rainbow Jade can now be exchanged at Scruffen for Event Tokens.
- Restorted miting lotteries to Lucky Bag.
- Seal Orb Pack and Soulcard·Esper Gift Pack marketplace price reduced.
- Clan Mansion now requires 6->4 players to open.