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Jade Dynasty Reborn

Welcome to Jade Dynasty Reborn! Our mid-rate server will provide the same entertainment that you felt long ago with your friends...

Recent Patch Notes
Patch v379 (today at 14:03)
Skill Fixes:
- [Vim] Glacier Edge II correction attempt against H2 bosses.
- [Vim] Sharpeen Steel should be now roll-able on Espers.
- [Vim] Clarified Infatuation skill description.
- [Rayan] Ghost Cut and Ghoct Cut II combo calculation fixed.
* Ghost Cut II Oppressed debuff now only stacks once.
- [Gevrin] Rain Listener (T5) Melted Arnmo stacking limit corrected.
- [Gevrin] Wave Seeker shieeld is now completly immune against Summons.
- [Skysong] Charity's Salvation: Amithaba Vow effect Change Yang to Yin trigger fixed.
- [Imperia] Windblown Dust II skill description corrected to be more accurate.

Bug fixes:
- Coronation 2nd phase timer now synced and bugged invincibility buff removed.
- Iron BG weekly award issue fixed. (Need another win to fix it).
- Kun's Favor: New Soulcards amount restored to x3.
- Fixed Shaw Danon biography quest: Phantom Heart.
- Sacred PvP Box issue fixed.
- Translation and interface fixes.
- Fixed Shooting Star Box buff rewards.
- Fixed some quest debuffs not triggering.

- From now, Coronation will occur every last Saturday of each month.
- Headframe·Same Destination added to Mystery Shop.
- Blood of Reborn now stacks to 999.
- Profound Box daily opening limit increased 5->20.
- Weekly first kill reward·Hidden: Cultivation Powder amoumy boosted to 2.
- Year of the Pig Pack (Bound) and Velonus Advent fashions added to Webshop.
- Cold Flame Stone price restored to default.