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EXP: x5
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DROP: x5
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Jadeon FFA (SUB)

Status: Finished
Event location: Jadeon - Realm 12

Free for all

Kill all players in sight. Do not team with others!

PvP Time!

[ ! ] To be sure your kills will count, please appear at least 15 minutes before event starts on event map and after you do, relog your character to force database location refresh. Also stay at least 15 minutes in event map to ensure script will have time to process your activity!

Remember about Puppet Protectors!
All participants will be automatically rewarded.

[ ! ] Participants of Jadeon FFA will be disabled during reward give-out!
Event rewards: Rare

Participation reward

Puppet Protector x20
PS needed: 1
Affinity Bead x7500
PS needed: 1
Soul Inverter x20
PS needed: 2
Spiritual Covenant x100
PS needed: 3
Chroma Bead x7500
PS needed: 4
Exoneration x1
PS needed: 4
Gold Sigil x1
PS needed: 5

1. Camilia2811
2. yayhoo1616
3. Kratos014