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EXP: x5
GOLD: x5
DROP: x5
Hourly : +100
Vote 1 : +500 (every 12h)
Vote 2 : +500 (every 12h)
Vote 3 : +1000 (every 24h)

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Doom Bog FFA (SUB)

Status: Finished
Event location: Doom Bog - Realm 13

Free for all

Kill all players in sight. Do not team with others!

PvP Time!

Remember about Puppet Protectors!
All participants will be automatically rewarded.

[ ! ] Participants of Doom Bog FFA will be disabled during reward give-out!
Event rewards: Common

Participation reward

Puppet Protector x20
PS needed: 1
Affinity Bead x8000
PS needed: 1
Soul Inverter x30
PS needed: 2
Ancient Coin x50
PS needed: 3
Chroma Bead x6000
PS needed: 3
Exoneration x1
PS needed: 4
Ice Orb of Vastness x1000
PS needed: 4
Silver Sigil x2
PS needed: 5

1. Ayana6226
2. Arpaggia4933
3. Eldridge3831
4. Shinka2722
5. ZiBaR2614
6. Yurio62
7. Koneko514
8. KellyK374