Party PvP
Status: Finished
Event location: Zuolo Plains - Realm Any


Party PvP

Form party with anyone you want and kill all others!

PvP Time!

Remember about Puppet Protectors!
All participants will be automatically rewarded.

Event rewards: Legendary

Participation reward

Puppet Protector x40
PS needed: 1
Affinity Bead x16250
PS needed: 1
Soul Inverter x75
PS needed: 2
Event Token x2
PS needed: 2
Spiritual Covenant x750
PS needed: 3
Chroma Bead x20000
PS needed: 3
Hexagon Charm Wood x5
PS needed: 3
Exoneration x1
PS needed: 4
Ice Orb of Vastness x12000
PS needed: 4
Soul Ash x500
PS needed: 4
Kirin Sigil Shard x2
PS needed: 5
Diamond Sigil Shard x7
PS needed: 8
White Star x6
PS needed: 9
Green Star x3
PS needed: 12
Astrum Jade x30
PS needed: 15

1. Isteria263
2. Zimka233
3. TeRebon'1420
4. JeggDogg107
5. Sweeetty920
7. Reinhild65
8. Fenice610
9. Wasn'tME614
10. Maui52
11. DarkCloud43
12. WTHell48
13. Chatni35
14. EpicPig320
15. canhun13